The Least Among Us

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

The Least Among Us

Quest giver
Unsettled Scholar
South Shroud (X:17, Y:28)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 4,800
Gil 930
Previous quest
Where We Are Needed
Next quest
A Time to Every Purpose

Who better to serve the Scions of the Seventh Dawn than a humble scholar and his faithful assistant?

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Stand guard as the scholar takes measurements.


  • Eager to obtain additional readings with which to confirm his theory, your scholarly companion proposes a visit to Urth's Fount. Proceed to the next -- and hopefully final -- survey site.
  • Having arrived in Urth's Fount, the scholar bids you do what you have done before: stand watch at an appropriate distance while he takes his measurements.
  • The survey takes a tragic twist when the scholar discovers the body of Wilred, the young Ala Mhigan whom you personally recruited to the Crystal Braves. Hoary Boulder and Coultenet soon arrive at the scene, and they conclude that the boy was murdered -- though by whom and for what reason they can only speculate. The pair offer to look after the scholar in your stead and implore you to report the boy's death to Minfilia at the Rising Stones.
  • The news of Wilred's death comes as a shock to Minfilia, who cannot fathom why anyone would want to harm the boy. In a hollow voice, she declares that Alphinaud will want to conduct an investigation and send word to Wilred's family, before sinking back into her own thoughts...

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