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Spare Parts

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Spare Parts

Spare parts1.png
Quest giver
Gangos (X:6.1, Y:4.9)
Quest line
Resistance Weapons Quests
Required items
30 Compact axle icon1.png  Compact Axle
30 Compact spring icon1.png  Compact Spring
Experience 0
Gil 615
Previous quest
Feature QuestWhat Dreams Are Made Of
Next quest
Feature QuestA Done Deal

Zlatan has learned what the House of Splendors seeks in exchange for a reagent.

— In-game description


Main article: Blade's Weapons/Quest

Mechanical parts can be obtained by participating in skirmishes and critical engagements in Zadnor, as well as any of the normal Alexander 8-man raids.

Compact axle icon1.png  Compact Axle:

Compact spring icon1.png  Compact Spring:


  • Deliver the compact axles and compact springs to Zlatan at Gangos.


  • Zlatan has learned what the House of Splendors seeks in exchange for a reagent.
  • As Zlatan explains, the House of Splendors has reached an agreement with goblin metalworkers in Idyllshire to supply the Resistance with the reagent needed to refine your weapon. In exchange, you have been asked to provide two varieties of mechanical parts─compact axles and springs, thirty of each.
  • You return with an assortment of mechanical parts, and after verifying everything is accounted for, Regana's colleague, Seika, hands over the reagent. With the transaction concluded, she takes her leave, but not before proposing an extended contract for additional shipments of reagent. Gerolt promptly refuses, but Seika appears unperturbed by the rejection. This reaction leaves Zlatan wondering if there was more to her proposal than meets the eye.