Rock-solid Protection

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Slafborn - Mor Dhona (x21, y7)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Gil 1502
Darklight choker of fending icon1.png Darklight choker of maiming icon1.png Darklight choker of striking icon1.png Allagan bronze piece icon1.pngx3
Previous Quest Next Quest
Laying the Foundation Hest of the Best




  • Speak with Bibimu outside The Sunken Temple of Qarn.
  • Use the Duty Finder to enter the Sunken Temple of Qarn.
  • Deliver the wardstone to Slafborn.


  • When it comes to keeping its home fires burning, the Adventurers' Guild is no stranger to caution. What fuel does Slafborn intend for you to gather today?
  • The Adventurers' Guild seeks a wardstone to further fortify Revenant's Toll against enemy incursion. Travel to the Sunken Temple of Qarn in southern Thanalan and speak with Bibimu to learn more.
  • Bibimu welcomes you to the temple with a slightly funereal air. Plumb the ruin's depths and obtain a wardstone.
  • The Sunken Temple of Qarn can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You have gained a wardstone, as well as a few more nightmares to carry to the end of your days. Deliver the precious find to Slafborn at Revenant's Toll and be done with it.
  • Slafborn is happy to add the stone to the settlement's considerable defenses. If safety is an illusion, there is much magic in the Roegadyn...