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Return to the Phantom Realm

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Return to the Phantom Realm

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Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:23.9, Y:9.1)
Quest line
Myths of the Realm Quests
Gil 5,270
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Face of an Explorer
Next quest
Feature QuestIn Heavenly Company

Deryk betrays a gleam in his eyes at the sight of you.

— In-game description





  • Deryk betrays a gleam in his eyes at the sight of you.
  • Outside Revenant's Toll, Deryk informs you that G'raha Tia and Krile are on their way hither, having prepared for the next stage of your investigation of the phantom realm. They soon arrive, with the Miqo'te carrying the advanced-if-hefty aetheric analyzer borrowed from the Forum. This contraption will allow you to record detailed data of the gods' domain, to which end you set forth for the Omphalos, where your companion Snoegeim awaits.
  • Snoegeim has further studied the monument in the Omphalos, and found that the magic it harbors takes the form of an epigraph. The inscription is incomplete, however, and you must fill in the missing information if you are to decipher it. The mythologist suggests asking the gods themselves for help, and to everyone's surprise, Nophica appears in response to your whimsical charm. She promises you the key to unlocking the mystery, but in exchange you must do battle with more gods, herself included. The Matron then takes her leave, and you turn to discuss the developments with your comrades.
  • Though the original plan was to revisit the Heavens of Lightning and Fire, it is decided that you will prioritize Nophica's invitation and sally forth into the Heaven of Earth with G'raha Tia. As the Archon must focus on acquiring data with the aetheric analyzer, it falls to you to give the gods the battle they desire, and you prepare yourself for another grueling foray into their sanctum.
  • As you did once before, you fight your way through the gods' heavenly domain, and bring the mighty beings to their knees. Your task thus accomplished, you and G'raha Tia make your way back to the Omphalos.
  • Gracing you with their presence once more, the gods reveal that the information you seek is contained within eternal stones scattered across Eorzea─stones which Snoegeim deduces are the marks of the Twelve. As G'raha Tia proposes splitting up to acquire the information, the divinities decide to accompany you. Having assumed their disguises, each chooses a member of your band as a traveling companion─though for some reason, you and Deryk appear to have been treated as a pair.
  • Deryk appears none too impressed with the gods' spontaneous demand. And for your part, you struggle to imagine what an adventure will be like in the company of the divine...