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Thick Skin

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Thick Skin

Gift of the Gob.png
Quest giver
Idyllshire (X:7.1, Y:5.9)
Required items
20 Beggars mythril ore icon1.png  Beggar's Mythril Ore
Experience 1,557,875
Gil 2,478
Previous quest
Gift of the Gob
Next quest
Pedal to the Metal

With the formalities now out of the way, Nonowato would have you do some mining.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Level 65 Mineral Deposit


Speak with Fohcwyda.


  • With the formalities now out of the way, Nonowato would have you do some mining.
  • Nonowato informs you that he has at last finished compiling his long list of minerals. He proceeds to tease you with the exciting prospect of actual work, before noting that Stickqix wishes to brief you himself first. To that end, Nonowato leads you in the direction of the Bangpots.
  • Regrettably, Stickqix's hands are full with other matters and he is unable to give you anything approaching an adequate briefing. You discover that his two Roegadyn workers are in the midst of a spat, bringing work on the Gobroller to a total standstill. Stickqix sheepishly asks if you would not mind intervening on his behalf to help solve the dispute.
  • You patiently listen to each worker's gripes and soon discover the cause of the dispute. Krystrymm is of the opinion that the vehicle needs to be outfitted with sturdy armor built to withstand physical attacks. Fohcwyda, on the other hand, believes that magic is the greatest threat to the Gobroller and would see it fitted with the appropriate protection. You go over what you have heard and ready yourself to give a summary to Stickqix.
  • You explain to Stickqix just why his workers are butting heads. He remarks that he may have an idea as to how this dispute can be resolved, but says it will require a certain mineral. The chief asks you to mine three chunks of beggar's mythril ore from the Striped Hills in Gyr Abania.
  • Stickqix uses the minerals you procured on his behalf to create an ingot, which he shows to Krystrymm and Fohcwyda. The two of them are tasked with using this metal to create armor resistant to both magical and physical attacks. The fight finishes, you choose to join Nonowato outside to discuss future work.
  • Nonowato unreservedly apologizes for the actions of his colleagues and encourages you to rest up well before your help is required again. You decide to follow his advice while continuing to hone your mining skills on the side.