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By Agents Unknown

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By Agents Unknown

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Quest giver
Radz-at-Han (X:11.4, Y:11.5)
Quest line
Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Required items
1 Giant tortoise liver icon1.png  Giant Tortoise Liver
Experience 0
Gil 1,704
Previous quest
Feature QuestGenerational Bonding
Next quest
Feature QuestNot from Around Here

Delion is trembling with barely contained enthusiasm.

— In-game description



  • Delion is trembling with barely contained enthusiasm.
  • Inspector's Log:
The Case of the Silent Correspondent was, albeit only briefly, superseded by the Case of the Misappropriated Mandragora! 'Twas during this misadventure that our merry band was joined by Inspector Brandihild─an unpolished clone of mine whose uncanny capacity for calculations allowed us to locate the remnant of a crashed starship in Garlemald. Yet so preoccupied were we with this discovery that I failed to notice the abduction of my loyal assistant! The audacity to commit such a dastardly deed in my proximity! But fear not, gentle reader, for Father and I were swift to confront and chastise the villain responsible and free Nashu from captivity. Thus reunited, we once more return to the task of tracking down Master PuPu's elusive companion...
            * * *
Inspector Brandihild was seemingly able to use the recovered scrap of wreckage to surmise the starship's current condition, concluding that the vessel would be incapable of flight. Delion, meanwhile, has brought his singular power of conspiracy detection to bear and developed a theory as to who cleared away the crashed craft and its pilot. Naturally, he would love nothing more than to share his conclusion with you, but decides it would be better to join Hildibrand and the others in Kama, that he need not explain himself twice.
  • You arrive at the party's borrowed room to find PuPu has fallen ill. Thankfully, Brandihild's knowledge of alien physiology allows him to formulate a cure, the ingredients for which are mostly stored aboard PuPu's starship. As for the remaining materials, you have been tasked with acquiring a liver from one of the kacchapa which roam Saltwind's Welcome, whilst Hildibrand and the others are to go in search of the unappetizingly named dampshroom.
  • Acquiring the tortoise liver proves a simple affair, as you have a long and storied history of relieving fauna of their vital organs. If Brandihild assumes correctly, however, your companions over at the Great Work may yet need help in obtaining the rare fungus.
  • As predicted, the dampshroom proves too rare for even the alchemists to have in stock. But your quest is seemingly saved by the serendipitous arrival of a dealer in exotic reagents, who bids you meet him on the Perfumed Rise for a completely innocent and not-at-all suspicious arrangement sure to benefit all parties involved.
  • As your comrades resign themselves to purchasing the dampshroom for an absurd price, a pair of Radiant city guards appear and arrest the reagent dealer for the crime of swindling the hopelessly naive and ignorant. The authorities are kind enough to let you have the confiscated (and apparently worthless) reagent free of charge, and observing this, the swindler decries the man he blames for driving him to a life of iniquity: Vanhudi. This rising star among the merchant princes has recently added many smaller businesses to his growing empire, and in the process put quite a few Hannish out of work. Of course, these circumstances are of no moment, for the present concern is spiriting the fungus and liver in your possession to Brandihild.
  • With your ingredients and the ailing PuPu, Brandihild heads outside and ascends into the alien's starship. The pair descends some moments later, the clone's concocted remedy having successfully delivered PuPu from the cold's deathly grasp. No sooner has the extraterrestrial assured the group of his complete recovery, however, when you are attacked by the vengeful Lugae. While the cackling villain has improved his tactics, the ensuing battle ends much the same as before, with the gleaming skull sent rocketing away at high velocity. Now that PuPu is well again, the party reopens the Case of the Silent Correspondent and, encouraged by Delion's shaky hypothesis, sets its sights upon the distant shores of Sharlayan.