Migrant Marauders

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Migrant Marauders

Quest giver
Central Shroud (X:20, Y:21)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 10,500
Gil 189
Previous quest
Threat Level Elevated
Next quest
A Hearer Is Often Late

Eylgar would like to impose upon the kindness of an adventurer.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Eylgar has asked you to verify the claims of a Lalafellin peddler, who swears that winged beasts attacked him on the road south of Bentbranch. Retrace his steps and search for any evidence to support his story.
  • Lothaire is shocked to learn of the nest hidden less than twenty yalms from his post. He implores you to keep its existence a secret, and vows that similar incidents will never happen again.


Eylgar: You're quite the compassionate adventurer, by the sound of it. Well far be it from me to look a gift chocobo in the mouth─I have need of a capable [GENDER]/woman like yourself.

Eylgar: We received a peddler at the gates the other day─an excitable Lalafell that was sweating and swearing that he had been attacked by large winged beasts. Yet other than hornets, I know of no flying creatures in this region.

Eylgar: If there's any truth to what he said, it might prove problematic for other travelers. Follow the road south and see if you can find any evidence to support his claim.

Eylgar: And, should you find something, kindly tell Lothaire to patrol his area sometime instead of just standing beneath the spire and staring at the godsdamned road. In those words.

You find a vulture egg. Two northern vultures immediately attack you in defense of their egg and nest. You slay them. At the spire, you inform Lothaire of the vulture nest.

Lothaire: ...A northern vulture? Two? And they were defending a nest!?

Lothaire: Well, I, uh...perhaps we could omit that last detail from any official reports. I would rather not give Eylgar any further cause to be cross.

Lothaire: Thank you for slaying the beasts. You may rest assured that I will not permit this to happen again.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information