A Hearer Is Often Late

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

A Hearer Is Often Late

Quest giver
Central Shroud (X:22, Y:26)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 12,320
Gil 200
Previous quest
Migrant Marauders
Next quest
Salvaging the Scene

Lothaire, a guard at Galvanth's Spire, wants you to visit the Hedgetree.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Hearer Leonnie must remain at the Hedgetree to commune with the elementals. Inform Armelle at the Mirror Planks of the delay to the conjurer's plans.
  • You convey Hearer Leonnie's message to Armelle, who resigns herself to booking the conjurer passage on a later vessel. The only issue remaining is to decide how much later...


Lothaire: I have another task for you, adventurer. I need you to head to the Hedgetree to the southwest of here and speak with Hearer Leonnie.

Lothaire: After tending to the Hedgetree, the Hearer was scheduled to board a boat from the Mirror Planks... Well, the vessel's departure time has come and gone, but there is still no sign of her.

Lothaire: Knowing how absorbed the Hearer becomes in her work, I am not unduly concerned. Armelle, however, was responsible for organizing Leonnie's transportation and is likely wondering if her wayward passenger is ever going to arrive. Perhaps a gentle reminder is in order?

You find Leonnie examining the Hedgetree and speak with her.

Leonnie: Yes, what troubles you, my de─? Ah. Yes. The boat. I had quite forgotten.

Leonnie: Hm? Oh, my task with the Hedgetree is well and finished, but the elementals murmur of a malevolent presence in the vicinity of the Tam-Tara Deepcroft.

Leonnie: I must abide a while longer, that I might better divine the source of the elementals' distress. Please inform Armelle that I shall be late in arriving.

You arrive at the docks and inform Armelle of the Hearer's request.

Armelle: You bear a message from Hearer Leonnie? An evil presence in the Deepcroft? That does sound grave, indeed.

Armelle: I shall organize a vessel for a later time, then. Perhaps a bell from now? Two? Better make it three, just to be safe. Thank you for your trouble.

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