Leih Aliapoh

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Leih Aliapoh

Leih Aliapoh.png

Female ♀
Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)
New Gridania (15.4,11.8)
Quest NPC

Leih Aliapoh is a Miqo'te found in New Gridania.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Training with Leih Class quest 10 Luciane
A Dangerous Proposition Class quest 15 Ywain
To Catch a Poacher Class quest 20 Luciane
Homecoming Class quest 25 Luciane
The One That Got Away Class quest 30 Luciane


Zone Coordinates Level range
Central Shroud (X:24, Y:20)
New Gridania (X:15, Y:11)
South Shroud (X:19, Y:22)

Additional Information


Leih is a young Miqo'te who grew up in a small village outside Gridania. She lost her parents at a young age in the Seventh Umbral Calamity and had to learn to fend for herself early on. She mastered hunting and archery, and with her skills she eventually joined the Archer's Guild.

She crossed paths with the Warrior of Light at the guild when she trained them on how to be more aware of what was happening around them, and took on a few requests from the guild together. Leih joined the Warrior of Light and Silvairre on a request to hunt the gang of poachers led by Pawah Mujuuk, a notorious criminal.

Fighting and bickering the entire time, Silvairre makes his disdain for Leih abundantly clear, calling her an outsider, among other things. Regardless, the trio track Pawah and her group to their hideout in Buscarron's Scar, where they are ambushed. Though they fight their way out, Pawah manages to escape. Upon returning to the guild and relaying what had happened, Silvairre berates Leih for being an outsider, saying she does not belong at the guild.

Upon returning to the guild, Leih confesses her plan to leave the guild, and asks the Warrior of Light to join her one last time to say goodbye. Upon meeting outside Gridaniain the South Shroud, Leih reveals that she plans to join Pawah and her band, as they are Keepers of the Moon like her, and she belongs with them, not inside the city with the Gridanians. The Warrior of Light calls her on her foolishness, and Pawah rescinds her offer after Leih prevents her from killing the Warrior of Light.

Leih questioned that the Warrior seems to have surpassed her in skill and taking the lessons to heart. She requests that they do battle to see what they have learned. After a tense battle, Leih concedes defeat, finally understanding how the Warrior of Light has surpassed her, and how the guild and those within it are her new family, and that she should open her eyes to their traditions. She returns to the guild, thanking the Warrior of Light for the lesson.

Upon returning, Leih tries to talk some sense into Silvarre, who is dead set on leaving the guild in order to hunt Pawah, hoping to reclaim some honor for his failure to capture her before. She tries to convince him that he didn't have to do everything alone, and he could rely on them for help. He leaves, saying he never thought of them as friends, but Leih sees through his lie. She and the Warrior of Light follow him to the South Shroud where Silvairre had been ambushed by the poachers. They manage to defeat them and claim a whistle used by the gang that they could use to draw out Pawah.

Leih and Silvairre come to the aid of the Warrior of Light after they are surrounded by Pawah and her gang, and confront her. They manage to defeat the bandits, but Pawah slips away once again. As she is taking aim at the Warrior of Light, Silvairre surprises her, providing Leih with an opportunity to take the shot at her, knocking Pawah to the ground from her hiding spot. The three manage to bring Pawah in to The Wood Wailers, and Leih thanks the Warrior of Light for everything they have done to help her find her new place in the world.