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A-hunting He Will Go

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Feature Quest icon.png

A-hunting He Will Go

Lance of a Lifetime.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:13, Y:12)
Required items
1 Holy cedar composite bow icon1.png  Holy Cedar Composite Bow
Experience 663,390
Gil 390
Previous quest
Lance of a Lifetime
Next quest
Ministers of Grace Defend Him

You can see the ambition burning in Barthovieu's eyes.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • You can see the ambition burning in Barthovieu's eyes.
  • Barthovieu has earned some coin, maybe even enough for a proper bow if you offer him a discount, anyway. He has killed many a lesser Dravanian, but the pay for these is low─true glory and coin are won with the heads of great dragons in Ishgard. Fashion Barthovieu his desired high-quality holy cedar composite bow, so that he may join the ranks of the great dragonslayers.
  • Barthovieu is overjoyed to receive his bow. He reveals that he means to kill Nguruvilu, a fearsome Dravanian with scales of steel. With this dragon's head, he says he can win a better life for himself and his boy. However, some unspoken conflict between father and son is keeping Philipallais away from home. Speak with the child near the manufactory, and try to convince him to return.
  • Philipallais tells you in no uncertain terms that he is currently hunting, and will not go home until he is through, whenever that is. Return to Barthovieu and pass along the message.
  • Barthovieu is not surprised to hear his son's message. However, he cannot wait for Philipallais to return home, and announces his intent to hunt Nguruvilu. The soldier thanks you again for your service, and vows to have something to show come your next meeting.
    • ※The next carpenter quest will be available from Barthovieu upon reaching level 55.