Goobbue Fang

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Goobbue Fang

Item type
Crafting material
Material type
Alchemist frame icon.png 18
Gil 1 HQ icon.png Gil 2

The knife-like canine of a goobbue.

— In-game description

Obtained By

Dropped By

Creature Level Race Clan Location
Goobbue Farmer 30 Goobbue Lower La Noscea (34,16)
Goobbue 33 Beastkin Goobbue Eastern La Noscea (16,28.1)
Highland Goobbue 33-36 Goobbue Coerthas Central Highlands (24,20)
Hoary Goobbue 50 Goobbue Eastern La Noscea (18.8,20.8)
Jolly Green 33 Goobbue Eastern La Noscea (16.8,31.4)
Jungle Goobbue 35 Goobbue Eastern La Noscea (17.2,31.6)
Mildewed Goobbue 34 Beastkin Goobbue Eastern La Noscea (16.9,32.4)
Mossless Goobbue 12-17 Beastkin Goobbue Lower La Noscea (22.8,24.6)
Shezmu 33 Goobbue Eastern La Noscea (16.7,31.8)
Snowstorm Goobbue 39 Goobbue Coerthas Central Highlands (19.7,18.2)

Used For

Crafting Ingredient

Item Rarity Class Level Ingredients
Potion of vitality icon1.png  Potion of Vitality (x3) ABasic Alchemist frame icon.png ALC 18