Battle of Silvertear Skies

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The Battle of Silvertear Skies is a battle that took place in the skies of Lake Silvertear. The Agrius, the Garlean Empires largest Airship, sailed towards Mor Dhona, preparing to invade. However, upon reaching the lake, the ancient wyrm Midgardsormr, Keeper of the Lake, rose from the waters and called to him a horde of Dragons to engage with the airship armada. The battle was something heretofore unseen by any, with Dragons and steel clashing above Mor Dhona. The battle ended when Midgardsormr and the Agrius collided, and careened into the lake below, with the Wyrmking wrapped tightly around the airship. The night sky was lit up by a massive beam of light and an explosion as the feul canisters ignited. With their most powerful ship destroyed, the XIVth Imperial Legion was forced to make a complete and total retreat.