Eight-armed and Dangerous

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Eight-armed and Dangerous

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Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:32.0, Y:30.4)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Experience 0
Gil 1,154
Previous quest
A Case of Indecency
Next quest
What Price Victory

Ellie has the latest information on the phantom thief's target.

— In-game description


Ultros is a recurring boss in the franchise first appearing in Final Fantasy VI.



  • Ellie has the latest information on the phantom thief's target.
  • Inspector's Log:
With my plan to out the thief at Miss Arabella's wedding proving a rousing success, we were this close to defending the treasure from the clutches of the many-faced fiend. But even the best-laid plans of inspectors extraordinaire are wont to go awry, and our phantom quarry successfully absconded with the so-called Maiden's Virtue. With no rest for the weary agent of enquiry, I have ventured to the Coliseum to begin my preliminary search of the environs. This time, I swear on the Manderville name, the phantom thief shall meet his match!
            * * *
Ellie believes she has identified the thief's next target: a priceless treasure set to be awarded to the winner of the Mythril Cup, a tournament scheduled to be held at the Coliseum in the coming days. She informs you that her colleague Ganelon is in Ul'dah as you speak, researching for a feature on this very event. Travel to town and see what the reporter might tell you.
  • With some encouragement from Ellie, Ganelon shares his findings with you. It would seem that many of the scheduled combatants for the Mythril Cup have withdrawn due to injuries sustained under curious circumstances, leading to suspicions of foul play. Speak with the gatekeeper Yuyubaya to gain entrance to the Coliseum, that you might further question the relevant parties.
  • Upon arriving at the Coliseum and speaking with the organizer, one Dour Meadow, you soon reunite with a certain gentleman inspector and consulting detective, with the rivalry between the two as heated as ever. With a mind to keep the prizes out of the hands of the thief, you enter the tourney at Inspector Briardien's behest, submitting your application to the tentacled receptionist known by the name of Ultros. Fearing for your safety now that you have declared your intention to fight, Ellie suggests that you return to Ganelon and seek out more information on the shady attacks against potential combatants.
  • Ganelon shares with you his suspicions that the confident gladiatrix by the name of Avila might be in some way connected to the curious incidents. He encourages you to seek out one Raging Rat, a gladiator who fell to the selfsame Avila in the preliminary rounds, that you might gain the information you need to protect yourself.
  • Raging Rat suspects that Avila's renowned “Tempest Blade” is some sort of sorcery, while Ellie wonders if the Ala Mhigan shieldmaiden might not be being aided by one of her fellow refugees. Meanwhile, Hildibrand and Nashu have taken a harmless, if seemingly unfruitful, interest in a certain eight-legged individual. Humor him by traveling to the Coliseum and seeing where his investigation might have led.
  • Alongside Hildibrand, you pursue the shifty Ultros about and around the Coliseum. As expected, his behavior is most curious, if not particularly enlightening. Return to the Coliseum entrance and listen to Nashu's latest musings on the movements of her quarry.
  • Your pursuit of Ultros has proven to be every bit as fruitful as expected─which is to say, not very. Perhaps Inspector Hildibrand has managed to glean something from this utterly unremarkable turn of events. Inquire with him as to what may be on his mind.