A Case of Indecency

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A Case of Indecency 

A Case of Indecency.png
Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:20.5, Y:21.6)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Required items
1 Servant's Garb icon1.png  Servant's Garb
1 Breathtaking dress icon1.png  Breathtaking Dress
Experience 0
Gil 714
Previous quest
Feature QuestSeeds of Rebellion
Next quest
Feature QuestEight-armed and Dangerous

With a maiden's virtue hanging in the balance, Hildibrand would hasten back to Costa del Sol.

— In-game description







  • With a maiden's virtue hanging in the balance, Hildibrand would hasten back to Costa del Sol.
  • His vaunted powers of deduction having afforded him no particular insight into the identity of the phantom thief, Hildibrand is nonetheless infinitely confident that he is fully prepared for the final confrontation with his foe. Return to Costa del Sol and see if Inspector Briardien's investigation has proved more fruitful.
  • With the phantom thief still on the loose and the banquet about to begin, Inspector Briardien has determined that it is too dangerous to allow Miss Arabella to appear before the crowd at the ceremony. Obtain a set of servant's garb from the Gegeruju Manor retainer that may serve as a suitable disguise for the maiden. In the meantime, Hildibrand has been charged with creating a diversion to distract Vannes from the absence of his betrothed.
  • The Gegeruju Manor retainer furnishes you with a set of nondescript garb. Deliver it to Lady Arabella outside Costa del Sol, that she might safely hide herself from the thief's eye.
  • At Inspector Briardien's behest, Miss Arabella changes into the clothes you procured, disguising herself as a servant. He bids you deliver the exquisite garment the maiden had previously been wearing to Hildibrand, that it might avail him in his task somehow.
  • Though not entirely sure what he is meant to do with the dress you entrusted to him, Hildibrand nevertheless assures you that he has the situation under control, and encourages you to find a seat from which to enjoy the festivities.
  • Hildibrand's flawless plan, in a nutshell, involved donning the dress and presenting himself as the lapis maiden. When Vannes reacts with utter shock, Hildibrand concludes that he is the phantom thief in disguise, as the true Vannes─who had never before seen Miss Arabella's face─would never have suspected that aught was amiss. His logic failing to find a sympathetic ear, Hildibrand is immediately seized by the Brass Blades of the Gerbera.
No sooner does this happen than does Vannes recognize Arabella amidst the crowd and grab her by the hand. Inspector Briardien recognizes the glove on Vannes's right hand, but before he can take action, the thief reveals himself in a puff of smoke, summoning the vicious Mandragoras to protect him. A close encounter with Hildibrand sends the rogue vegetables fleeing in terror, but the thief has already made off with his treasure─not the maiden herself, but the neckpiece she wore.
As Miss Arabella, now free from her betrothal to Vannes, breathes a sigh of relief, a flying card of challenge buries itself in Hildibrand's pate, writ “I shall come to claim the victor's spoils.” Though Inspector Briardien finally deduces that the thief and the mad bombardier who almost claimed his life are not one and the same, the two inspectors nevertheless vow that the thief has stolen his last treasure.