What Price Victory

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What Price Victory

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:8.3, Y:11.1)
Quest line
Hildibrand Quests

Experience 0
Gil 1,151
Previous quest
Eight-armed and Dangerous
Next quest
The Trouble with Truffles

Hildibrand is contemplating the implications of Ultros's behavior.

— In-game description



  • Hildibrand is contemplating the implications of Ultros's behavior.
  • Convinced that Ultros's suspicious behavior is simply the hapless advances of a lovesick octopus, Hildibrand chooses to pursue a different line of investigation: the gladiatrix Avila. Return to the Coliseum and inquire with Dour Meadow as to her current whereabouts.
  • Dour Meadow explains that Avila left the Coliseum a short while ago to share a flagon of ale with her countrymen, while warning you that the warrioress does not take kindly to others poking around in her personal affairs. Undeterred by these words, Hildibrand dashes off to continue his investigation. Follow him to the Coffer & Coffin in central Thanalan and see what knowledge might be gleaned.
  • At the Coffer & Coffin, a confident Avila assures her fellow Ala Mhigans that her victory in the upcoming tourney is all but certain. The conversation is not particularly enlightening, save for the information that Avila intends to pay a visit to her sister at the Nanawa Mines. Meanwhile, Ultros's plan to dispatch Hildibrand is foiled when the gentleman inspector, his nose well honed from his experiences with Nashu's homemade explosives, catches a whiff of the cleverly disguised bomb and hurls it off fortuitously in the direction of its maker. Your path free of danger, accompany Hildibrand to the mines and assist with his continued investigation.
  • Eavesdropping on the sisters' conversation reveals Avila's true motivation for entering the Mythril Cup─to claim the priceless relic and a better life for her and her sister─if not the source for her unfaltering confidence. With no remaining leads to pursue and the Mythril Cup set to commence, Ellie suggests a return to Ul'dah. In the meantime, Ultros's best-laid plans again go awry, as Hildibrand stumbles head-first into a pitfall dug by the octopus in hopes of incapacitating you before the tourney can begin. Safe once more due to the uncanny instincts of the gentleman inspector, you are free to follow him off in the direction of the Gate of Nald.
  • Determined as ever to keep you from competing in the tourney, Ultros enlists the services of a chimera to forestall your return to Ul'dah. This plan proves to be as successful as his last two─which is to say, not very─when none other than Godbert, ever the Manderville man, arrives on the scene and makes short work of the beast. In a brief exchange, he mentions having come to Thanalan in search of inspiration for his latest work of goldsmithery, and offers a few words of encouragement to his son as his hour of truth in the Coliseum draws nigh. Meanwhile, Ultros finds an unlikely ally in the form of Gilgamesh, who has returned to avenge his defeat at the hands of you and your sleuthing companion. His fortune is short-lived, however, when he is spotted by Godbert, who sees in the colorful sea critter not just inspiration, but also potential materials for his masterworks. As the mustachioed muscle-head beats the unfortunate octopus into a bloody pulp, return to the Coliseum and rendezvous with the gentleman inspector.
  • His vaunted powers of deduction having failed to afford any knowledge that might avail him regarding the tourney at hand, Hildibrand is nevertheless not disheartened in the least, cheerily declaring that he will continue the investigation on the field of battle. This can only end well for all involved...