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Forging with Scales

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Forging with Scales

Quest giver
Kugane (X:8.6, Y:15.3)
Required items
Kote  Materials
"Kote" is not a number.

Titanium  Kote
"Titanium" is not a number.
Experience 2,079,000
Gil 821
Previous quest
Eastern Apprentice
Next quest
Head-to-head Contest

Blanstyr is eager to begin his first lesson.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Blanstyr is eager to begin his first lesson.
  • Blanstyr tells you of his observations on Far Eastern armorsmithing techniques, and mentions that Master Fugetsu should soon be ready to instruct you both in your first lesson. Quiet your mind for the task ahead, and speak with Kokajiya's head armorer.
  • After describing the prominence of the scale in Hingan plate armors, Master Fugetsu tasks you with forging a pair of kote. Before you begin, however, Blanstyr wishes to interrogate a warrior on the qualities one looks for in protective gauntlets. Make your way to the barracks in Kugane, and speak with a Sekiseigumi blade.
  • Though initially wary of your presence, the Sekiseigumi warrior is only too happy to share with you his opinion on the ideal pair of kote. With the objectives of durability and freedom of movement in mind, you decide on titanium as your metal of choice. Return to Kokajiya, and trouble Unryu for the materials you will require.
  • Unryu hands over the supplies you need. Deliver your finished work to Blanstyr when the kote are complete.
  • Blanstyr takes your titanium kote and adds the finishing touches. You present your work to Master Fugetsu, who proceeds to praise both the kote's exceptional sturdiness and the precision of its joinings. Despite this glowing assessment, however, Blanstyr seems dissatisfied with the lack of progress towards his goal of developing an original style. Master Fugetsu counsels patience, and promises that his next lesson will build upon the grumbling veteran's solid foundation.



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