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Drawing a Blank

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Drawing a Blank

The Honest Truth.png
Quest giver
Tahla Molkoh
The Fringes (X:12.8, Y:18.9)
Required quest
Divide and Conquer
Experience 25,250
Gil 800
Previous quest
The Hidden Truth
Next quest
Seeking Answers

Lieutenant Molkoh seems to have regained a sense of calm.

— In-game description


  • Search Bittermill for clues.
  • Wait for Lieutenant Molkoh to finish her search of Bittermill.


  • Lieutenant Molkoh seems to have regained a sense of calm.
  • The lieutenant is back on her feet, and ready to continue the investigation. She means to leave no stone unturned, and suggests splitting up to cover more ground.
  • Upon investigating the buildings, you notice they are suspiciously clean, and the ground surrounding them is littered with fresh footprints. Perhaps Lieutenant Molkoh has found more concrete evidence of what happened in Bittermill.
  • You find the lieutenant in the company of a peculiar man who seems bereft of his memories. He can recall nothing, not even his own identity. The only thing he is certain of is a tenuous connection he has with Bittermill. Suspecting he is one of the missing prisoners, Lieutenant Molkoh convinces him to accompany you both back to Castrum Oriens.
  • Serpent Marshal Brookstone is pleased with this sudden turn of events, quickly sending Lieutenant Molkoh off to provide their new detainee with a hot meal, after which he is to be questioned. The serpent marshal bids you wait with him until the interrogation has finished.