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Seeking Answers

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Seeking Answers

The Honest Truth.png
Quest giver
Serpent Marshal Brookstone
The Fringes (X:9.2, Y:10.8)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestDivide and Conquer
Experience 25,250
Gil 900
Previous quest
Feature QuestDrawing a Blank
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Honest Truth

The look on Serpent Marshal Brookstone's face suggests he has grown tired of waiting.

— In-game description



  • The look on Serpent Marshal Brookstone's face suggests he has grown tired of waiting.
  • You and the serpent marshal have been waiting on Lieutenant Molkoh for what feels an eternity. Certain she has finished, he asks you to check on her to see what information, if any, could be obtained from the detainee.
  • The lieutenant's talk with the detainee was uneventful. The only thing he is certain of, is that he escaped from Garlean captivity. If he is one of the missing prisoners remains to be seen. Thinking back to where they discovered him, she is convinced the imperial soldiers you recently encountered are related. She rushes to speak with Serpent Marshal Brookstone in the hopes of assembling a unit to apprehend them.
  • Not one to leave anything to chance, the serpent marshal has already dispatched men in search of the soldiers you encountered. Unfortunately, he lacks the manpower to cover all of the Fringes, and is deliberating on how to set about investigating Owyn's Stash. Lieutenant Molkoh readily volunteers on her, and your, behalf, then quickly rushes off to the cave.
  • You find Lieutenant Molkoh at the cave entrance, her enthusiasm replaced with growing reluctance. She sticks close behind as you make your way into Owyn's Stash.
  • Deep within the cave you find a Garlean soldier, and he's gravely injured. Lieutenant Molkoh bids you return to Castrum Oriens for assistance while she stays with your new captive.
  • Without a moment's hesitation, Serpent Marshal Brookstone orders his men to converge on Owyn's Stash to see the captured soldier safely back to Castrum Oriens. Soon you may finally have answers to the whereabouts of the missing prisoners.