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The Hidden Truth

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The Hidden Truth

The Honest Truth.png
Quest giver
Serpent Marshal Brookstone
The Fringes (X:9.2, Y:10.8)
Required quest
Divide and Conquer
Experience 25,250
Gil 800
Next quest
Drawing a Blank

Serpent Marshal Brookstone is in need of a soldier.

— In-game description





  • Serpent Marshal Brookstone is in need of a soldier.
  • The Alliance has recently taken hold of Castrum Oriens, and Serpent Marshal Brookstone is preparing for a reconnaissance of the area. He asks for your assistance, bidding you speak with Lieutenant Molkoh for further details.
  • Lieutenant Molkoh seems more than excited to be in your presence. After regaining her composure, she explains to you the purpose of the mission. They have discovered records of Ala Mhigan prisoners dating back to the beginning of the Garlean occupation twenty years prior. However, a number of entries in the documents are listed only as “Whereabouts Unknown.” To begin your investigation into these missing prisoners, Lieutenant Molkoh suggests speaking with the Ananta, whose residency in the Fringes predates even the Ala Mhigans.
  • You speak with an Ananta battlemaid who recalls the Garleans making prisoners of everyone they encountered, be they Ala Mhigan or even Ananta. While most were forced to serve in the imperial armies, a number of people were also taken to Bittermill. Lieutenant Molkoh now hopes to find some link to the past in the ruin of the abandoned hamlet.
  • No sooner do you arrive than you find Lieutenant Molkoh being assaulted by three Garlean soldiers. You make short work of two of her assailants. Perhaps you can pry answers out of the third.
  • The remaining soldier's eyes grow wide with fright at the sight of his fallen comrades and he soon flees. Lieutenant Molkoh seems to be injured, but hopefully her wounds are not serious.
  • Lieutenant Molkoh is none the worse for wear, but she is perplexed by the presence of Garlean soldiers. She suspects something suspicious is afoot. Before you can proceed, however, she begs you a moment to rest.