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Devourer of Worlds

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Devourer of Worlds

Devourer of Worlds Image.png
Quest giver
Lonu Vanu
The Sea of Clouds (X:7, Y:13)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 153,600
Gil 564
Previous quest
Familiar Faces
Next quest
Black and the White

Lonu Vanu would like very much for you to enjoy the hospitality of his village.

— In-game description



  • Out of gratitude to you and Alphinaud, Lonu Vanu invites you to his village, leaving before you can make your excuses. Consult with Alphinaud and decide whether to follow or not.
  • Surmising that the Vanu may know the whereabouts of the archbishop and the Heavens' Ward, Alphinaud suggests you accept Lonu Vanu's offer of hospitality. Journey to the north and seek out the Vanu youth.
  • Shortly after you and Alphinaud arrive in the Vanu village, the sound of cannon fire reverberates throughout the Sea of Clouds, sending everyone scrambling to search for the source. When Cid subsequently arrives, he explains that the imperials have engaged Bismarck, and together you turn your eyes heavensward even as the primal's massive body casts a shadow over all. Before your disbelieving eyes, Bismarck opens wide its great maw and swallows an island whole. At this, Lonu Vanu cries out with a mixture of rage and despair, but refuses to dwell on the actions of an unfathomable god, instead urging you to speak with Sonu Vanu, chieftain of the Zundu.
  • Chief Sonu reveals that the archbishop and the Heavens' Ward are come to the Sea of Clouds in search of the key to Azys Lla, a land of forbidden secrets. However, their quest has been complicated by the fact that Bismarck, the insatiable white whale, has devoured the island upon which the key was kept. Though some might think the belly of a primal an ideal repository for so dangerous an artifact, Alphinaud's expression makes it abundantly clear that he is not one of them.

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