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Contradicting Convictions

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Contradicting Convictions

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:6.2, Y:9.4)
Quest line
Scholasticate Quests
Required quest
Heavensward (Quest)
Her Last Vow
Experience 0
Gil 648
Previous quest
Keeping the Ledger
Next quest
The Benefits of Consultation

Mathye sighs as he looks around for customers.

— In-game description



  • Mathye sighs as he looks around for customers.
  • Mathye explains to you that business has not been going so well after the recent turmoil in the church. He mentions that his best customers, the students of the scholasticate, are often being followed back to the cathedral by disagreeable folk, and less are inclined to walk around in the open, including to the Crozier. In an effort to keep coin flowing, Mathye requests you to make a round near the road to the cathedral and put an end to any harassment you may see.
  • You soon spot an altercation between a group of angry paupers and students clad in scholasticate robes. The encounter escalates when the resentful ruffians make off with a tome of one of the students, Theomocent. The mousy-looking seminarian runs after them to retrieve it, and his friend asks you to pursue him for fear of his safety.
  • You find Theomocent out of breath in a dark alcove, outnumbered by a group of aggrieved Brume residents. The student recognizes their ringleader, “Ben,” as an acquaintance from childhood, and pleads with him to return the book. However, Ben grows angry with the unexpected reunion and holds Theomocent's book over a brazier, intending to destroy it out of spite. Lamenting he was not able to leave his unfortunate circumstances for the scholasticate as Theomocent had, he is soon caught off guard by Leigh, another lowborn student. Leigh attempts to save the book after Ben casts it into the flames and escapes, but he is too late in his attempt to rescue it unscathed. He returns the charred tome to a relieved Theomocent, and the two express their gratitude to you before heading back to the scholasticate.
  • You return to the Jeweled Crozier to find Mathye speaking with a woman of the cloth, and he expresses satisfaction that his business interactions will return to normal with your good deed. He introduces you to Gaetelle of Saint Endalim's Scholasticate, and the clergywoman recognizes you as the adventurer who brought about the revelation of inconsistencies in the teachings. She explains the scholasticate's precarious situation in the aftermath, and how the students have become targets for the public's ire. Impressed by your goodwill towards the students, she asks that you visit the scholasticate for an opportunity to meet with the headmistress.