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The Benefits of Consultation

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The Benefits of Consultation

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:6.2, Y:9.4)
Quest line
Scholasticate Quests
Experience 0
Gil 713
Previous quest
Contradicting Convictions
Next quest
Balancing the Spear

Gaetelle looks at you with bright eyes.

— In-game description



  • Gaetelle looks at you with bright eyes.
  • Gaetelle expresses hope that you will come visit the scholasticate. She bids you and Mathye farewell before taking her leave to return to the cathedral.
  • Upon approaching the scholasticate, the lector standing at the doors recognizes you, mentioning that Gaetelle was hopeful you would come and visit. Pass through and seek her out.
  • You enter the humble seminary and speak with Gaetelle about meeting with the headmistress, only to find that she is absent. Instead, Bruvagnon introduces himself as the deputy headmaster, before you are interrupted by none other than Consulting Inspector Briardien, his nephew. The good inspector has been summoned to investigate the theft of the new head of the statue of Saint Valeroyant. For old time's sake, Briardien asks Bruvagnon if you can accompany him as his associate in the case. Bruvagnon seems reluctant for you to be “associated” with the scholasticate, but eventually acquiesces. Join Briardien in his search for the student responsible for supervising the statue work.
  • The student overseeing the statue's restoration happens to be Theomocent, the student whom you rescued in the Brume. After being questioned by Briardien, he grows skittish and abruptly takes his leave to search for the missing piece on his own. Judging his conduct to be odd, Briardien concludes that the boy is hiding something. While he conducts his own investigation in the Brume, he asks that you search Saint Valeroyant's Forum in Foundation for anyone suspicious, as he believes the thief may be drawn to the broken statue.
  • In the forum, you find Theomocent pleading with Ben to return the crate containing the head of the statue. In response, Ben angrily accuses Theomocent of accepting the lies of the Holy See in order to have a better life. Leigh soon appears and realizing he is outnumbered, Ben yields the crate and escapes. However, Theomocent seems distraught as he ponders the words of his childhood friend. But he is soon inspired by your courage, and resolves to do his part to redeem the teachings of Halone. The two boys take their leave to return to the scholasticate with the crate.
  • You return to the scholasticate and see Theomocent and Leigh, who have already returned the statue piece and explained what happened, leaving out the details of who had stolen it. Briardien asks after the culprit, but before you can reply, one of the highborn students, Archombadin, interrupts, claiming to have witnessed Theomocent and Leigh conspiring with another lowborn friend to steal the statue piece and return it to curry favor. Leigh denies the accusation, asserting that you were there and can vouch for their innocence, but Bruvagnon dismisses the students, putting an end to the discussion.
  • Bruvagnon commends your assistance in resolving the incident and allows you to further accompany Briardien in his work in the scholasticate. However, pointing out the basic level of investigative skill that was necessary to resolve the incident, the inspector remarks that the theft was merely a way to present a more serious problem. He asks his uncle to explain the real reason why his services were requested.