Keeping the Ledger

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Sidequest.pngScholasticate Quest

Quest Giver Mathye - The Pillars (x6, y9)
Requirements Level 56
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 36000    Gil 465
Titanium helm of fending icon1.png, Titanium mask of maiming icon1.png, Titanium headgear of striking icon1.png, Titanium headgear of scouting icon1.png, Allagan silver piece icon1.png
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He Who Would Not Be Denied Contradicting Convictions




  • Search for the Seventy-two Articles in the scholasticate.


  • Mathye is having a bad business day.
  • Mathye received an order from the Saint Endalim Scholasticate, his most esteemed client, but has lost record of what they requested. All he can recall is they are missing a volume from the Seventy-two Articles of Halonic Polity. He asks that you go to the scholasticate and ask around to figure out which volume they require.
  • You arrive at the scholasticate and have a look around. You find a shelf listing volumes one through nine, but volumes four and six seem to be missing. Looking on another shelf you find volume six. You also notice volume ten laying on one of the tables. A young seminarian named Theomocent tells you he is studying volumes twelve and thirteen, while Archombadin tells you of his work with volume fourteen in a condescending tone. The student standing outside, Leigh, tells you he borrowed a volume from the scholasticate, but he has forgotten which one. After speaking with Janchette, however, you learn that Leigh has borrowed volume four but is too busy to study its contents. Report to Mathye and tell him what you have learned.
  • Your astute observations reveal that the scholasticate is lacking for volume eleven. Thanks to your keen eye, Mathye can go on to sell his wares another day.