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Zawawa Camp Broken Glass.PNG

Female ♀
Lalafell (Plainsfolk)
Garlemald (12.9,30.1)
Gemstone Trader

Find what you're looking for? If not, 'fraid you're out of luck. I won't be able to restock until its safe to enter Garlemald again.

— In-game description

Zawawa is a Lalafell found in Garlemald.

Items For Sale

Rank 1

Item Type Cost
Ovibos milk icon1.png   Ovibos Milk Crafting material Bicolor Gemstone 2
Almasty fur icon1.png   Almasty Fur Crafting material Bicolor Gemstone 2
Saiga hide icon1.png   Saiga Hide Crafting material Bicolor Gemstone 2

Rank 2

Item Type Cost
Garlemald riding map icon1.png   Garlemald Riding Map Other Bicolor Gemstone 70
Emperor portrait icon1.png   Emperor Portrait Other Bicolor Gemstone 250

Rank 3

Item Type Cost
White snow, black steel orchestrion roll icon1.png   White Snow, Black Steel Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll Bicolor Gemstone 350
Black steel, cold embers orchestrion roll icon1.png   Black Steel, Cold Embers Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll Bicolor Gemstone 350
Home beyond the horizon orchestrion roll icon1.png   Home Beyond the Horizon Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll Bicolor Gemstone 350
Garlean containers icon1.png   Garlean Containers Other Bicolor Gemstone 100