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A Gnathic Deity

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Ysayle seems troubled by the Gnath's war of expansion.

— In-game description


  • Gather information from the Vath. 0/3


  • Ysayle questions the Gnath's justification for committing the crime of summoning, drawing a distinction between their expansionist aims and her own hopes for peace. Alphinaud concludes that if the beastmen are truly only motivated by territorial gain, they must be unaware of the terrible price that their god's presence exacts from the land. Plainly, the creature must die. Citing the protection afforded her by the Echo, Ysayle volunteers to confront the primal, but Estinien is quick to point out that she lacks the means to call it forth. Speak with the inhabitants of Loth ast Vath, and learn more about the Gnath and their god.
  • You have gleaned what knowledge you can from the hive's residents, but it seems there is one more inhabitant who is eager to share. Speak with the voracious Vath, and hear what he has to say.
  • You approach the voracious Vath, and he hints that more information will be forthcoming should he receive a gift from the “generous hunters.” Seek out the clearwater nanka, and obtain a hunk of their flesh.
  • You have obtained a hunk of nanka flesh. Return to Loth ast Vath and deliver the gift to the voracious Vath.
  • Having hungrily taken receipt of the nanka flesh, the Vath explains how the thoughts and senses of every Gnath in the main colony are linked by the presence of the Overmind. Discuss the implications of this revelation with Alphinaud.
  • You share your findings with the rest of the party, and Alphinaud summarizes what you have learned of Gnath society. Though Estinien is unimpressed with the Vath's meager knowledge of their own god, Ysayle believes that the elder's offhand suggestion -- that you surrender yourselves as sacrifices -- may hold some merit...