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Geomancy is a Far Eastern art of reading the future, with many similarities to the arts of the Astrologian. Instead of reading the stars, Geomancers read the movements of the earth and water. Mastery of these elements are essential to the study of Geomancy.

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  • Ganen Rijin, a geomantic master and the founding ruler of the nation of Doma.[1]
  • Kyokuho Moribe, a Hingan geomancer who appears during the Astrologian class quests released with the Stormblood expansion. He is the grandson of another geomancer named Kanzan, who long ago used his geomantic arts to seal away the aritama of a dangerous Fox Auspice.[2]
  • Qitian Dasheng, a monkey-shaped Auspice, and the former disciple of another auspice who was responsible for creating the tamate-bako of Geomancy. Qitian continues to guard his master's relic to this day within it's resting place inside The Swallow's Compass.[3]
  • Seiryu, a snake Auspice counted among the Four Lords of Reisen Temple. While his fellow Lords each possess geomantic talents of their own, Seiryu in particular is known to be worshiped by several locales who consider him a god of geomancy.[4]
  • Tengu, not a person so much as a "people", native to Othard and avian in nature, with great wings upon their back. Some legends posit that Ganen learned his geomancy from a Tengu, rather than a wandering hermit.[5]


  • Tamate-bako of Geomancy: A sacred relic that was stored within The Swallow's Compass, said to be capable of manipulating time itself.[6]
  • Octogenary Mirror - An Astrologian's arm also known to be a common tool of Far-Eastern Geomancers.[7]
  • Tenkoto, the far eastern equivalent of Aetherytes, were said to be constructed through the geomantic arts. The knowledge of the techniques to create these without the Onishishu have been all but lost.[1]

Hostile Entities

  • Daidarabotchi - Gargantuan elemental entities said to be the creators of mountains or lakes; the water-favoring geomancers of the Swallow's Compass are said to be capable of summoning their own versions of these watery behemoths.[1]


  • The Swallow's Compass - First constructed as a mausoleum for Ganen Rijin, whose prowess in life as a master geomancer led to the site becoming thought of as the birthplace of Doman geomancy, and a frequent place of pilgrimage for geomancers from all across Othard. It served as a geomantic palace of study until the Garlean occupation, who saw Ganen as a potential primal threat, ordered the temple fully sealed. It is said that a legendary relic is still housed within.[1]


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Geomancy originated in Yanxia as a discipline, and was a rather esoteric art until Ganen Rijin, founding ruler of the nation of Doma, learned the art in his youth and used it to conquer his foes. He opened a Geomancer school and brought light to this particular form of magic. Art believes that the root of power is in the earth, and people are connected to it. From the movement and "whispers" of the earth, they are able to divine the answers they seek. Given that Geomancy is taught in Doma however, it has returned to its status as "esoteric" following the invasion of the Garlean Empire.



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