Obsidian Race

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Obsidian Race

Way of the Miner.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10, Y:14)
Required items
15  Wyvern Obsidian
Experience 163,020
Gil 639
Previous quest
Water from Stone
Next quest
Amethysts Are Forever

Adalberta has a mind to assign you a challenging commission.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Level 28 Mining from level 30 Mineral Deposit in Eastern Thanalan, southwest of exit to South Shroud X:25.7 Y:16.4 - Note: Make sure you get a pickaxe appropriate to your level and also use the Unearth ability to boost your chance of getting HQ material. You can either smith your own or get one in Ul'Dah in the market strip



  • Adalberta has a mind to assign you a challenging commission.
  • You learn that the guild has received an order for a quantity of high-purity wyvern obsidian, an extremely rare mineral. Conscious of the difficulty you are like to encounter in procuring it, Adalberta has accepted another miner's offer of assistance, and would have the two of you work together. Seek out the miner in question─one Wide Gulley─and discuss the task at hand.
  • To your dismay, Wide Gulley greets you with open hostility. He has no intention of cooperating with you, and instead proposes a contest to see who can procure superior-quality wyvern obsidian. In light of your relative inexperience, Wide Gulley offers you all the time you require, and even suggests that you consult the client, Hrodger, should you require more information on the mineral.
  • Hrodger tells you that deposits of wyvern obsidian have previously been discovered around Thal's Respite. In addition, he reveals that Wide Gulley is in fact Vice Foreman Deep Canyon's son, and a miner of tremendous talent in his own right. Armed with this information, procure 15 chunks of the purest wyvern obsidian you can find, and deliver them to Wide Gulley.
  • After examining the fruits of your labors, Wide Gulley grudgingly concedes that your wyvern obsidian is purer than his own. Brooking no argument, he tells you that he will deliver your haul to Hrodger, and bids you report back to the guildmaster.
  • Adalberta is troubled to learn that Wide Gulley turned an already difficult task into a contest. Upon hearing that you bested him, however, her dismay swiftly gives way to astonishment. She proceeds to lavish you with praise, even confessing to a hint of envy, and encourages you to continue exceeding expectations.

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