A Small-scale Operation

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A Small-scale Operation

Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:8, Y:9)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Required items
1  Weathered Crate
4  Black Scale
Experience 4,800
Gil 799
Previous quest
Promises to Keep
Next quest
Yugiri's Game

Alphinaud has a mind to send you to Vesper Bay.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Search for the missing scales. 0/4


  • Alphinaud is concerned that the ongoing preparations for the Domans' journey are not proceeding smoothly. To facilitate the process, he bids you return to Vesper Bay and speak with Hozan, a Doman who has been tasked with managing the first wave of departures.
  • After speaking with Hozan in Vesper Bay, he observes that an experienced adventurer such as you should not be burdened with the kinds of menial tasks he would assign. Nevertheless, he and his people are in need, and he ask that you retrieve a heavy crate at the docks.
  • The crate, while admittedly heavy, is a far cry from some of the more cumbersome objects you have carried over the course of your adventuring career. Return to Hozan and present to him the crate.
  • Upon inspection, Hozan is horrified to discover that the scale armor within the crate was damaged during its long storage. Fortunately, it is not beyond repair -- assuming that you can locate and retrieve the four missing scales which slipped through holes in the bottom of the crate. Retrace your steps and search for the scales.
  • With relatively little difficulty, you recover the errant scales. Hozan will be relieved to receive them.
  • Although Hozan is full glad for your help, he remains somewhat withdrawn. Gazing upon his father's armor, he wonders what will become of his people, who have naught but mementos and memories of their homeland...