A Mizzenmast Repast

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A Mizzenmast Repast

A Mizzenmast Repast Image.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11, Y:11)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
1 Dress shoes icon1.png  Dress Shoes
Experience 5,520
Gil 319
Previous quest
High Society
Next quest
The Lominsan Envoy
Good for What Ales You
Saw That One Coming
Help Me, Lord of the Dance

Baderon wants you to let him know when you are ready to depart for the banquet.

— In-game description



  • At the banquet, Merlwyb tells you of the Warriors of Light -- the adventurers who fought for the survival of Eorzea five years ago. The tale of these brave souls triggers inside your mind a vision of their final stand at the Battle of Carteneau. When you subsequently come to your senses, you are surprised to find yourself in a room at the Drowning Wench, with no idea how you got there. Near at hand, Baderon explains that you collapsed, and mentions that the Admiral would like to see you. Make your way to Bulwark Hall, and request admission to the command room.
  • It appears that Merlwyb has a task for you -- a task that she can entrust to no one else. Speak to her again when you are ready to hear what this duty entails.


If you misplaced the dress shoes, or if you are doing the quest in New Game+ mode, you can talk to J'nasshym near the main Aetheryte crystal for a replacement pair.