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Grinnaux Dzemael, one of the Heavens' Ward
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House Dzemael is one of the four High Houses of Ishgard, the four most powerful houses in the city-state. The Dzemaels can trace their heritage back to some of the first peoples of Ishgard, to Sylveterel de Dzemael, one of the knights twelve under King Thordan. Though they are known for their strength of arms, their house also produce artisans and architects, thanks to the combining of Dzemael and House Faurechort three hundred years ago. Their banner shows a rook with two halberds against a red field.


Because of their knowledge of architecture, they were sought by many for any construction project many years ago. In modern times, the house now spends its fortunes on fortifications and other great works in Coerthas. This show of wealth has increased their influence greatly amongst the High Houses. They also run the Lightfeather Proving Grounds, where battle-ready Chocobos are pitted against one another, as well as other spectacles. In terms of politics, they are known for being manipulative and petty in their approach.

Notable Members

  • Sylveterel de Dzemael, founder and one of the knights twelve under King Thordan.
  • Count Tarresson de Dzemael: Having long relinquished the title of Count, he has enjoyed a peaceful life. This came as a relief to his political opponents and his son, as he was extremely influential as a politician. He has a love of all things architecture, and has served as the leading architect on several notable projects, including the construction of the Dzemael Darkhold, however work on this particular site has been postponed due to the monsters and voidsent lurking inside.
  • Ser Grinnaux de Dzemael: A member of both House Dzemael and the Heavens' Ward, Ser Grinnaux the Bull was known as a warrior without equal. While he has peerless combat abilities, he is also known for his less than agreeable personality, gaining a reputation for bar fights and striking knights who displease him while on duty. Due to his combat skills, he was reckless, which occasionally led to deaths on campaign, which his father was quick to bury.


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House Dzemael preserves the lineage of Sylvetrel de Dazemael, the unrivaled spearman of King Thordan’s knights twelve and a founding father of Ishgard. Once known solely for their strength of arms, the house has since developed a reputation for producing artisans and architects, owing to a marriage between a lord of House Dzemael and a daughter of House Faurechort three centuries ago. The members of the lower house were possessed of a great knowledge of architecture, which they were happy to share, and after several generations, it was considered common sense to seek the assistance of House Dzemael for any construction project.

In modern times, the house has spent a fortune funding public works, including fortifications throughout Coerthas and the capital’s own great walls. This display of affluence and power has done much to increase their influence, though some nobles are unsettled by the proliferation of the standards bearing the rook and halberds.