5th Cohort Hoplomachus

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5th Cohort Hoplomachus
Type Enemy Humanoid
Level 42-46
Location Mor Dhona, Mor Dhona, Mor Dhona
Aggression Aggressive

5th Cohort Hoplomachus is a level 42-46 Enemy Humanoid found in Mor Dhona, Mor Dhona, Mor Dhona.


Zone Coordinates Level
Mor Dhona (x12,y12) 46
Mor Dhona (x??,y??) 42
Mor Dhona (x??,y??) 46-47

Hunting Log


Quest Quest Type Level
Dressed for Conquest Main Scenario Quest 45
Escape from Castrum Centri Main Scenario Quest 46
Fool Me Twice Main Scenario Quest 46


In the real world, a hoplomachus was a type of gladiator in ancient Rome, armed to resemble a Greek hoplite (soldier with heavy armor and helmet, a small, round, concave shield, a spear and a sword).


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