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One Final Journey

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One Final Journey

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Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:22.4, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Tales from the Shadows
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestVows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty
Experience 0
Gil 1,373

F'lhaminn appears lost in her memories.

— In-game description





  • F'lhaminn appears lost in her memories.
  • You happen upon F'lhaminn at the House of Splendors, distracted by memories of the past. A missive in her hand summons her to Ul'dah, and though unable to go into detail, she tells you the matter pertains to Minfilia. In light of all you have been through with her adopted daughter, she believes that your presence would only be fitting. Thus does she invite you to accompany her, bidding you go ahead to the Steps of Thal.
  • The soft echo of boots marks F'lhaminn's arrival, and soon after the two of you are greeted by Popokkuli and Seserukka of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. According to the twins, the Concern was tasked with the restoration of Ul'dah's waterways, in the course of which they made a surprising discovery─a cat's-eye jewel. F'lhaminn confirms that it is the very same as that which Minfilia gifted to her many years ago. And in her turn, she returned the stone to Minfilia shortly before the Scions left the Waking Sands for Mor Dhona. That it should find its way back to her now is nothing short of miraculous, and F'lhaminn sees it as a chance to lay her daughter to rest. She can think of no better place to do so than at the Church of Saint Adama Landama, where Minfilia's father lies.
  • You arrive to find F'lhaminn speaking with Father Iliud. Upon hearing of Minfilia and the gemstone, the father gives you his blessing to bury the cat's-eye with Warburton. Offering her thanks, F'lhaminn heads outside to the site of his grave, south of the church.
  • Placing the cat's-eye in the earth, F'lhaminn lays her heart bare to Minfilia, hopeful that the words reach her daughter. With her heart thus unburdened, she makes her way back to Mor Dhona, there to continue doing her part for the Scions.