Volunteer Dragonslayers

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Minfilia - The Rising Stones (x6, y5)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Gil 901
Previous Quest Next Quest
Committed to the Cause An Allied Perspective


Locations of 4 NPCs:

  • Right next to the aethryte, near the chocobo hut (leaning on a lamp post)
  • Outside the entry to Mor Dhona (the one where you enter from Coerthas)
  • Inside the Diamond Forge, located at (x22,y5)
  • Upstairs, once again at (x22,y5). Just past the tables.



  • Minfilia would have you assist with the preparations being made for the defense of Ishgard.
  • Hoping to rally support for Ishgard, Minfilia has once more dispatched your comrades to every corner of the realm. The tasks she has in mind for you, however, will keep you close to Revenant's Toll. In addition to recruiting volunteers from among the adventuring population, the Antecedent wishes you to consult with Slafborn regarding the town's state of readiness. Speak first with Tataru, and invite the receptionist to join you and the Adventurers' Guild representative in discussing the troubles that might spill over the border from the conflict in Coerthas.
  • You explan Minfilia's request to Tataru, who immediately begins to plan for every possible eventuality. Follow in the enterprising young receptionist's wake, and join her in consulting with Slafborn.
  • Though Slafborn readily acknowledges the importance of elevating the Toll's state of readiness, he is unwilling to make any formal commitment to assist in the coming conflict. Consult with Tataru regarding the possibility of approaching adventurers directly.
  • Tataru seems more than happy to recruit volunteers face-to-face. Speak with the adventurers in Revenant's Toll and attempt to rally them to Ishgard's cause.
  • You have approached a number of adventurers, and been greeted with responses ranging from cautious interest to barely concealed hostility. After being rebuffed by a particularly reluctant Roegadyn, you are suddenly pulled aside by Riol, who proceeds to explain the suspicious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Wilred, the youth from Little Ala Mhigo. With battle looming on the horizon, however, there is little time for you to delve into this latest mystery. Return to Tataru and inform her of the results of your recruiting efforts.
  • You compare notes with Tataru, and are pleased to find that her recruitment efforts have met with similar results. Should those who expressed an interest be true to their word, the forces of Ishgard will soon be bolstered by a small but experienced contingent of adventurers...