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The arid valley to the east of Castellum Velodyna has been home to the Ananta people since antiquity. That the name for this stark canyon translates to "pristine" is characteristic of the Ananta and their tendency to perceive the world around them in terms of beauty.

— In-game description

Virdjala is an area in The Fringes, Gyr Abania.


Landmark (map icon).png
Castellum Velodyna

Built upon the bridge over the Velodyna River, this imperial fortification serves as a critical waypoint for supplies, connecting the many military installations to the east with Baelsar's Wall to the west. Rising sky-high from the center is a great tower that provides moorage for airships.

Landmark (map icon).png
Vira Nilya

This settlement belongs to the Vira, a faction of Ananta who chose to fight alongside the Ala Mhigan Resistance in a bid to break free of the Empire's subjugation. The founding of Vira Nilya was an important step to distance themselves from the Qalyana, the larger of the two tribes.

Landmark (map icon).png
Qalyana Nilya

As the stronghold of the dominant Qalayan tribe, this settlement is built on a far grander scale than that of Vira Nilya. It is interesting to note that in the Ananta tongue, "Qalyana" equates to "beauty" or "virtue," whilst "Vira" is used to describe one who exhibits bravery.

Landmark (map icon).png
The Yawn

Writhing with a mysterious pink substance, this cavernous hollow was torn form the earth during the titanic struggle between Omega and Shinryu. In a bid to bring down its steely foe, the primal unleashed a beam of all-consuming light from its maw, the slightest veering of which could have been disastrous for the nearby M tribe village.


Node Item Level Req. Perception Respawn Tome Coordinates
Logging (map icon).png
Lv. 75 Mature Tree
Rehabilitation aid materials icon1.png  Rehabilitation Aid Materials «7» 73 (X:33, Y:28.7)
Node Item Level Req. Perception Respawn Tome Coordinates
Mining (map icon).png
Lv. 75 Mineral Deposit
Rehabilitation aid materials icon1.png  Rehabilitation Aid Materials «7» 73 (X:32.6, Y:23.4)