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Up in Flames

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Up in Flames

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:6.0, Y:9.8)

Required items
1  Firecracker (Up in Flames)
Experience 95,850
Gil 1,500
Previous quest
Tide Goes in
Imperials Go Out
Family Affairs
Passing the Torch

Asari is eager to speak with you.

— In-game description


  • Use the firecrackers at the designated spot and slay any Kojin that appear.


  • Asari is eager to speak with you.
  • Asari stops you to say that great things are on the horizon for the small village of Isari, and everyone is incredibly excited about being able to torch fish again. Or at least, everyone but Nayoshi, who has lately been spending most of his free time sulking. Asking that you go and speak to him to learn what is wrong, she points in the direction of the large boulders.
  • The fishermen have been working together to defeat the hooked bombfish Nayoshi reels in from the sea, but he fears that due to their inexperience with fighting, it is only a matter of time before someone comes to harm. He begs you to teach them some basic combat maneuvers and, when you agree, rushes off to round up the fishermen.
  • When you rendezvous with Nayoshi, he tells you the combat lessons must wait. One of the boats that went torch fishing the night prior has gone missing, and the villagers suspect it is the doing of the Kojin of the Red or sea monsters. As humble fishermen, however, they stand little chance of winning a fight against either and decide they must turn to outside help. One of the elderly fishermen reveals that, in the days of eld they would often turn to the Confederates for aid. Hearing this, Nayoshi asks that you introduce him to Tsukikage that he might appeal to him for assistance.
  • The Confederates and one of the fishermen they dragged out of the water tell you that the Kojin of the Red attacked the torch fishing boat and took everyone aboard it prisoner. Agreeing to lend you aid, Tsukikage asks that you create a distraction using fireworks at the Isle of Zekki while he, Suzume, Hansaku, and Nayoshi go to save the captives.
  • As per Tsukikage's instructions, you find an open area on the Isle of Zekki to place and light the firecrackers. They explode and draw a few Kojin of the Red lurking close by out of hiding. You quickly dispatch of them and, deeming you distraction a success, you begin making your way to Hells' Lid, where you are to rendezvous with Tuskikage and the others.
  • You encounter Tsukikage, who is alone at Hells' Lid and at the mercy of Red Kojin. Quickly neutralize the threat that he might be saved.
  • Tsukikage tells you of how their group was attacked by a group of Red Kojin as they were retreating. The others escaped with the fishermen, while he stayed behind to neutralize the threat. The hostile Kojin, however, proved far stronger than he anticipated and he would likely have been overwhelmed by them had you not arrived when you did. Thanking you for your help, the Confederate treasurer then bids that you go with him to Isari to make sure everyone arrived safely.
  • You return to Isari, where you are informed that all the fishermen have retired to their homes to rest. The Red Kojin attack has, however, raised a very important question among the remaining men and women: should their village give up on torch fishing for good? Just as the natives resign themselves to quitting, Tsukikage steps forward with a suggestion. In exchange for some of their bombfish oil, he will agree to protect their boats at night and even send men to help slay the beasts. Thus, an agreement is struck among the inhabitants of the Ruby Sea.



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