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Family Affairs

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Family Affairs

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:33.5, Y:38.8)

Experience 91,800
Gil 1,500
Previous quest
Alisaie's Stones
The Girl with the Pearl Ring
Next quest
Up in Flames

Tsukikage appears deeply troubled.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Survey the area from the designated location.


  • Tsukikage appears deeply troubled.
  • Tsukikage suspects that Suzume has gone to Hells' Lid to avenge her parents' deaths by killing Hansaku. To do harm to a fellow Confederate, however, is considered to be an act of treason and he fears if someone does not quickly put a stop to all this, he will lose not one, but two of his subordinates.
  • You speak with Suzume and distract her long enough for Tsukikage to join you. Together, you manage to convince her to put off her plans to murder Hansaku until after Kikimo receives her delivery. Under Tsukikage's orders, Hansaku and Suzume then set off to secure the area and dispatch of any remaining beasts. The Confederacy treasurer leaves to take care of the remainder of the shipments but before returning asks that you stay behind to help clear the area of beasts and keep an eye on Suzume.
  • As per Tsukikage's orders, you check the near vicinity for any menacing monsters. You deem the area clear. Now it is time to go and check upon Suzume.
  • You come across Suzume, who is surprisingly with Hansaku─both of whom appear to have sustained a smattering of light wounds. Two vicious beasts rove about them and it falls to you to step in and save Tsukikage's subordinates.
  • As it turns out, Suzume was attacked by the beasts while her back was turned and Hansaku threw himself at them to save her. Through his selfless act, she has become aware of her own mistakes, and apologizes to him for the harm she attempted to inflict upon him. Now that everything has been peacefully resolved, the Confederates must turn their attentions back to the matter at hand: seeing that Kikimo receives her delivery. While Hansaku and Suzume rush off to load her ship, Tsukikage requests that you come meet him at Onokoro once everything is done.
  • Tsukikage thanks you for all that you have done and tells you that it is only because of you that the transaction with Kikimo went as smoothly as it did. For all you have done he has come to consider you a brother and sorely hopes you will come to visit again soon.



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