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Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:20.4, Y:8.7)

Required items
1  Tsukikage's Letter
1  East Aldenard Trading Company Contract
1  Soaring Shark Fins
Experience 91,800
Gil 1,100
Previous quest
Alisaie's Stones
Pulling Double Booty
Next quest
The Girl with the Pearl Ring

Tsukikage is ready to talk trade.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Tsukikage is ready to talk trade.
  • Tsukikage tells you of how members of the Confederacy are not allowed in Kugane. Instead of going there in person to negotiate with Kikimo, he would like for you to deliver a letter which outlines his preferred terms and conditions. He, however, does not have the aforementioned missive on his person, and asks that you accompany him to the nearby guardroom. Go with him and receive the letter.
  • You follow Tsukikage to the guardroom and he hands you the letter. Make your way to Pier #1, where Kikimo is likely to be and deliver it to her.
  • You deliver Tsukikage's missive to Kikimo at Pier #1 in Kugane. After quickly scanning it, the East Aldenard Trading Company representative tells you she would be happy to accept the conditions he has outlined in the document. She then goes on to say that if the Confederacy manages to procure a few other luxury items from the Ruby Sea in addition to those listed in the captive ship's inventory, she would be willing to pay them handsomely. She then hands you a letter of her own containing a contract for Tsukikage to look over and sign. See that it makes it to the Confederacy treasurer.
  • You return with Kikimo's contract in hand and seek out Tsukikage. He is pleased to hear that not only did she accept his terms but offered the Confederacy additional coin in exchange for obtaining luxury items exclusive to the Ruby Sea─the fins of a soaring shark, teardrop pearls, and the shell of a decade-old turtle. Eager to begin, Tsukikage starts to divvy up the work, but before he can finish Hansaku rushes off to procure the fins. Worried he has gotten ahead of himself, Tsukikage asks that you go after him.
  • You find Hansaku, who is cowering under the gaze of his quarry. As the soaring shark moves to attack, you step in and put an end to it. Taking its fins, you then turn to help Hansaku, who appears to be extremely shaken by this encounter.
  • As you talk to him, the color slowly begins to return to Hansaku's face and you know he has recovered. Disappointed with his performance, he tells you to bring the fins you obtained back to headquarters before dashing off ahead of you.
  • You hand the fins to Tsukikage, who now has everything he needs. It seems all that is left for him to do is deliver the goods and receive payment. Having been banned from Kugane, however, it remains to be seen how exactly he intends to do just that...



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