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The Girl with the Pearl Ring

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The Girl with the Pearl Ring

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:22.0, Y:8.9)

Experience 91,800
Gil 1,300
Previous quest
Alisaie's Stones
Unfinished Business
Next quest
Family Affairs

Tsukikage is eager deliver his goods to Kikimo.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • With the chat mode in Say, enter “Suzume” to call out to the pirate.


  • Tsukikage is eager deliver his goods to Kikimo.
  • Tsukikage tells you of how he has arranged to meet Kikimo at Sakazuki. As this will be his first time meeting her, he has requested that you accompany him there.
  • The ship Kikimo has come on is too small to transport all the Confederacy goods back to Kugane. As such, she must return once to the port city and bring back a larger vessel. Tsukikage suggests meeting at the far north of Sakazuki to ensure the transaction goes through smoothly. To prepare for her arrival, he would have Hansaku clear the northern area of wild beasts while Suzume rests at the guardroom to recover from her pearl-diving injuries and he and you see that the goods make it safely to the other side of the island.
  • As Tsukikage is having his men load up the goods to transport them to the other side of the island, he notices that one of the items is missing─the crimson-shell ring. He suspects it has been stolen and would like for you to fetch Suzume that she might assist him in tracking down the thief. To find her, with the chat mode in Say, use your keyboard or the software keyboard to enter any phrase that contains the name “Suzume” at the designated location.
  • While you fail to find Suzume, your calls attract the attention of one of the other pirates. He tells you that Suzume ran off to Hells' Lid to meet Hansaku, with a ring on her finger. It may be prudent to inform Tsukikage of this turn of events.
  • Upon re-checking the inventory list, Tsukikage realizes the crimson-shell ring that went missing had been made by Suzume's parents. He suspects the fake merchants they tossed into the sea may have had a hand in the village raid that lead to her parents' deaths. Knowing that Hansaku was once involved with them, Tsukikage reasons Suzume has gone to Hells' Lid not to help him but to get revenge.



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