Underneath the Sultantree

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Underneath the Sultantree

Underneath the Sultantree Image.png
Quest giver
Central Thanalan (X:23, Y:27)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 1,120
Gil 132
Previous quest
Nothing to See Here
Next quest
Step Nine

Papashan is in dire need of your assistance.

— In-game description



  • The stationmaster explains that he and the Sultansworn are in fact searching for Lady Lilira, a young noblewoman who has run away from home. He asks you to search for Lilira in the area to the south, near the Sultantree.
  • At the Sultantree, you find the young runaway, along with a sarcastic fellow who seems to know her well. Moments later, voidsent attack, forcing you to work together to protect Lady Lilira.
  • No sooner have you bested the creatures than you are overcome by strange visions, the meaning of which eludes you. When you subsequently come to your senses, you are relieved to find that Lady Lilira is safe, and apparently eager to return to the city. Head back to the Ul'dah Dispatch Yard and report all that has occurred to Papashan.
  • Papashan explains that the young man was most likely Thancred, a scholar conducting research on aether-related subjects. The stationmaster then thanks you for protecting Lady Lilira and asks that you show that same kindness to the other people of Thanalan.