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The Will to Resist

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Zlatan has a hopeful look in his eyes, as he understands your return can mean only one thing.

— In-game description


Depending on job:


Main article: Recollection Weapons/Quest

6 Bitter memory of the dying icon1.png  Bitter Memory of the Dying which are obtained from Level 60 Dungeon Dungeons, once per day from Duty Roulette Duty Roulette: Leveling or rarely from enemies found all across Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr The Bozjan Southern Front while this quest is active.

Please note: when you turn in your Augmented weapon for upgrade, any Materia melded on it will be lost!



  • Zlatan has a hopeful look in his eyes, as he understands your return can mean only one thing.
  • Eager to further strengthen your Resistance weapon, you consult Zlatan, who suggests you find another assortment of memories. Zlatan warns you, however, that the weapon will require much more potent memories if you expect to see any notable improvements. He then sends you on your way, certain the threat of imminent death will not deter you from seeing the job done.
    • ※Bitter memories can be obtained in the field fighting at the southern front, by clearing any level 60 dungeon, or completing Duty Roulette: Leveling. The Undersized Party option cannot be enabled when clearing the aforementioned dungeons.
  • You return to Gangos to find Gerolt surprisingly sober and ready to work. With his customary flourish and flair, Gerolt readies his forge, and before long you are the proud owner of a powerful new Resistance weapon. There is no time to celebrate, however, as an employee of Rowena soon arrives offering a means to pay for Gerolt's previous dealings with the House of Splendors. Matters of money aside, Zlatan prays for your continued success in the fight against the Empire.