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The Trine Towers

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The Trine Towers

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Ysayle wishes to survey the approach to the distant towers.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


All gear rewards are HQ HQ icon.png.



  • Ysayle tells you of the three towers known as Anyx Trine, and of the dragons that dwell within. Without their cooperation, she claims, the way to Sohm Al's summit will remain closed. Meet your companions on the approach to Anyx Trine, and speak with Ysayle once more.
  • Ysayle notes with dismay that Gnath forces have occupied the road to Anyx Trine. Cut a path through their ranks, and gain entrance to the towers.
  • You have defeated a group of Gnath soldiers. Continue towards Anyx Trine, defeating any resistance you encounter.
  • Once more, you are forced to weather a storm of Gnath hostility. Resume your march along the path, and speak with Ysayle at the entrance to Anyx Trine.
  • Upon entering the courtyard of Anyx Trine, Ysayle hails the dragon Vidofnir -- the friend of whom she spoke earlier. Though apparently willing to open the way to Sohm Al's summit, the Dravanian declares that she cannot leave her post unguarded for fear of the Gnath's god. Suddenly, the beastmen's aggression begins to make sense -- they act under the influence of a primal. Pausing only to seek your approval, Alphinaud offers to slay the creature, that Vidofnir might assist you in turn.