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A Budding Partnership

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A Budding Partnership 

I Wanna Be the Hunter.png
Quest giver
The Dravanian Forelands (X:33.2, Y:23.8)
Required items
1 Dravanian lily icon1.png  Dravanian Lily
Experience 12,090
Gil 631
Previous quest
The Man Who Slew Too Much
Next quest
Persistence Makes Perfect

Loupard wants to try something new in his search for Q'yantaa's partner.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


All gear rewards are HQ HQ icon.png.



  • Loupard wants to try something new in his search for Q'yantaa's partner.
  • Taking the previous two failures to heart, Loupard has decided to try a different approach in the search for Q'yantaa's partner. He bids her introduce herself to an experienced hunter by the name of Hudde, and she rushes off, eager to elevate her hunting career. The unpleasant experience with Bauricoin is still fresh in Loupard's mind, and he asks you to look after Q'yantaa until this new partnership is solidified. Find Hudde in the north part of Tailfeather to see how the two are getting on.
  • Hudde skips his own introduction, brusquely exclaiming that he has no need for a partner such as Q'yantaa, and walks off without giving you the chance to convince him otherwise. Q'yantaa, as always, looks like she may have a plan to get what she wants. Speak with her to find out what she means to do.
  • Despite Hudde's harsh dismissal of her partnership, Q'yantaa is determined to win him over. She decides that the best course of action will be to soothe his cool demeanor by appealing to his soft side. Talk to the hunters of Tailfeather to find out if there are any chinks in Hudde's stoic armor.
  • After asking around, it seems that despite Hudde's established reputation as a hunter, few know much about him. However, Loupard mentions in passing one thing that may be of interest: Hudde can often be seen carrying Dravanian lilies on his self, although what for remains a mystery. Report your findings to Q'yantaa and see if the cunning Miqo'te has any insight.
  • Q'yantaa's clever plan is to win Hudde over by presenting him with a Dravanian lily. She runs off in search of the flower, which supposedly grows in the vicinity of the northeast chocobo hunter camp. Follow her to ensure that in her enthusiasm she does not trample over any precious lilies.
  • You find Q'yantaa standing in front of a fully bloomed Dravanian lily. In a predictable turn of events, she asks you to pick the flower for the sake of her budding partnership. Steady your hands and pick the lily, and make sure nary a petal comes to harm.
  • You manage to pick the flower with the grace of a skilled florist. Hand it over to Q'yantaa so she may use it to convince Hudde that she is more than just a naive girl.
  • Q'yantaa rushes off in the direction of Tailfeather, eager to please her future hunting partner. Follow her back and see if her well-intentioned gift will prove to be successful.
  • Although Q'yantaa smiles wide when presenting the Dravanian lily to Hudde, the action is met with scorn by the gruff hunter. Despite the plain hopelessness of the situation, Q'yantaa is still determined to have Hudde as her partner, and begins devising the next step in her plan.