Back in the Saddle

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Back in the Saddle

Quest giver
Southern Thanalan (X:21.5, Y:39.1)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Experience 0
Gil 658
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Rise and Fall of Gentlemen
Next quest
Feature QuestAfter Her Own Heart

A mild concussion will not sway Inspector Hildibrand from his true calling.

— In-game description





  • A mild concussion will not sway Inspector Hildibrand from his true calling.
  • Eager to resume his activities as an agent of enquiry, Inspector Hildibrand departs for Ul'dah in search of a new case. Though you would be entirely justified in leaving him to his own devices, it would be understandable if curiosity compelled you to do otherwise. Consider questioning the residents of Ul'dah for any information regarding the inspector's activities or recent incidents which may draw his attention.
  • Although Inspector Hildibrand has been sighted in the city, the more popular topic of discussion in recent days is a marauding duelist who claims the weapons of his defeated opponents. Having exhausted free sources of information, go and see what Wymond will be willing to part with for a price.
  • Your conversation with the consummate businessman is interrupted by the arrival of Inspector Hildibrand and Nashu. After recovering from the shock of seeing the man he thought dead alive, Wymond presses the inspector to explain his inconceivable resurrection. Brushing aside his inquiries, Inspector Hildibrand proclaims his desire to catch the thieving duelist, persuading Wymond to part with information regarding an incident which may be related. However, before Wymond can divulge the name of the victim, Inspector Hildibrand and his assistant abruptly depart, leaving you alone with Wymond and his exasperation.


Accepting the Quest


Nashu Mhakaracca: Amazing, isn't it? He wasn't dead—he was just badly injured, and needed to hibernate! I didn't even know people could do that!

Accepting the Quest

Hildebrand: Verily, it could be naught else. Somewhere nearby dastardly doings are afoot, and only I can thwart them!
Hildebrand: Copious quantities of sand, unbearable heat... Ah hah! The Sagolii Desert—I'd bet my life on it.
Hildebrand: Which means Ul'dah is but a short trek away. Yes, it all first. Only that den of iniquity could so violently trigger my keen investigator's sense.
Hildebrand: Fear not, law-abiding citizens! Inspector Hildibrand shall soon deliver you from evil!


Nashu Mhakaracca: Which way did he go, [Forename]? Did you see? Oh dear, I've got to find him. Ah! And change my outfit too!

Questioning the residents of Ul'dah on the Steps of Nald

Agnys: Beg your pardon? You wish to question me as to the whereabouts of that deviant running about town dressed in rags?
Agnys: Do I look like a reporter for the Mythril Eye? I do not consort with perverts!
Silver Nettle: What? Yer lookin' for a half-naked Highlander what likes to catch criminals? I think I'd remember a thing like that!
Silver Nettle: If ye do manage to find this Inspector friend of yers, tell him to do somethin' 'bout that godsdamned duelist! Me mate's pa's cousin's kid's best friend lost his blade the other day to that bastard!
Botulf: Hmmm... Sorry lass/lad, but if it's information you want, you'd be served best by going to Wymond.
Botulf: The only rumors I've heard are those about the weapon thief. Calls himself a duelist, or so I hear, but when you don't allow your opponents to refuse, well...

Speaking with Wymond (Cutscene)

Wymond: I take it you've dealt with that zombie problem, eh? So do tell: just why were they dressin' up like dandies?
Hildibrand: >> Wymond! HEY, WYMOND! <<
Wymond: >> Thal almighty bugger me with a bleedin' spear! The dead've risen, an' they're walkin' the streets of Ul'dah! <<
Hildibrand: No need for melodrama, my good man! As you can see, reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.
Nashu Mhakaracca: It's true—he's not a zombie. I checked.
Wymond: ...Aye, you do seem to be hale an' healthy. Which, uh, begs the question: how in the seven hells did you survive that fall!?
Hildibrand: Why question divine providence? What matters is that Eorzea's champion has returned, and that he—and by that I mean I—shall bring this thieving duelist to justice!
Wymond: Heard about that, did you? Might be harder than you think. Even I've got no inklin' of that fellow's current whereabouts.
Hildibrand: Inconceivable! I refuse to believe that the ever-inquisitive, ever-ambitious, ever-reliable Wymond is with a single shred of information—even one of dubious relevance.
Wymond: Hmmmm, well... I make no promises, mind you, but there was some talk of a fair maiden what said her most—
Hildibrand: This knave assaulted a young woman as well!? The audacuty! I should fly to her side at—
Hildibrand: <gasp> Why, if it isn't the lady/gentleman from the Sagolii!
Hildibrand: A serendipitous encounter indeed! too seek the belligerent duelist?
Hildibrand: Capital! It will be invigorating to engage in a friendly battle of wits. Already the spirit of competition fill me. Come, Nashu! We must away!
Wymond: Dammit, Hildy—I ain't told you the lass's name yet...