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The Perfect Tribute

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The Perfect Tribute

Quest giver
Rhalgr's Reach (X:9.6, Y:12.1)
Required items
Chronometer  Materials
"Chronometer" is not a number.

Sample  Chronometer
"Sample" is not a number.
Experience 2,902,500
Gil 2,334
Previous quest
Next quest
Sultana Dreaming

Emeloth is expecting a call on her linkpearl any moment now.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Wait at the designated location.


  • Emeloth is expecting a call on her linkpearl any moment now.
  • No sooner do you begin conversing with Emeloth than she receives a call on her linkpearl from Marcel. It appears the apprentices' handiwork has been well received in Ul'dah, and Marcel would have them come to Ul'dah to meet with clients. Bear the good tidings to your students, who have gathered by Chakra Falls to the north.
  • Your apprentices are ecstatic to learn that their crafting skills have met with approval. They go on to reveal that they wish to repay the sultana's kindness, but are struggling to determine what manner of item would make for a suitable tribute. J'khebica proposes consulting Marcel on the matter, and begs you to put in a word on their behalf when they travel to Ul'dah for the meeting.
  • Though unable to provide an insight into a tribute, Marcel shares with you a rumor that a disguised Nanamo has been frequenting a certain shop. If you can but observe her visiting the shop in question, you may be able to discover the object of her fancy. This is good enough for J'khebica, who rushes off to investigate the rumor on Sapphire Avenue with her fellow apprentices. Join them there and be on hand to identify the sultana should she make an appearance.
  • Your apprentices have managed to learn that the shop Nanamo frequents is a sundry goods store situated opposite the arms vender Jealous Juggernaut. All that remains, then, is to plant yourself at a suitable spot and play the waiting game.
  • After a short while standing watch, a maiden not unlike Nanamo appears at the shop accompanied by a man not unlike Papashan. Their conversation reveals that Nanamo is extremely smitten with an orchestrion on display there, but it is too big to fit in her bed chamber. With that, the tribute is decided: an elegant and compact orchestrion. Join your apprentices back at Rhalgr's and report all that has come to pass to Emeloth.
  • While Emeloth appreciates the apprentices' enthusiasm, she believes that they are not quite ready to make an orchestrion. To prepare them for the challenge, she proposes having them practice by crafting a tabletop chronometer, a similarly complex apparatus, and it falls to you once more to craft a sample for your apprentices.
  • Your tabletop chronometer impresses Emeloth to no end and leaves your apprentices in awe of your skills yet again. As they go about honing their skills for the task ahead, see to it that you do not neglect your own, for yours are the hands that shape these young goldsmiths.



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