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A Royal Request.png
Quest giver
Rhalgr's Reach (X:9.6, Y:12.1)
Required items
1 Eyewear materials icon1.png  Eyewear Materials
1 Precision spectacles icon1.png  Precision Spectacles
Experience 1,758,750
Gil 855
Previous quest
Gemworks in Progress
Next quest
The Perfect Tribute

Emeloth has a new worry to replace the old.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Speak with Wido.
Speak with Hal.


  • Emeloth has a new worry to replace the old.
  • Not long after you address the issue of the two brothers' shortcomings, a new problem arises with J'khebica. In spite of her many promising qualities, it turns out she is remarkably clumsy, suffering repeated mishaps while applying the finishing touches. Unable to discern the cause, Emeloth bids you look in on the struggling apprentice. Speak with J'khebica and her fellows to see what you might be able to glean.
  • You learn from J'khebica that her struggles are relatively new. Meanwhile, the two brothers offer further insights, namely that she cannot reliably distinguish between the two of them, and that she invariably furrows her brows prior to failing. Take these revelations back to Emeloth for her consideration.
  • Listening in on your report, Kanchana posits that J'khebica's problem may lie with her vision, and Emeloth decides to check her eyesight to ascertain the possibility. Go and summon J'khebica for the test and put the mystery to rest.
  • It quickly becomes apparent that J'khebica's eyesight has deteriorated beyond what her current spectacles are able to correct. Kanchana suggests that you make her a new pair, which would double as the sample for the next task Emeloth has in mind for the apprentices. Synthesize a pair of spectacles for J'khebica, and present the finished product to your deputy for inspection.
  • The new spectacles do the trick, and J'khebica is fairly enraptured to have her vision back. Wido observes that, even in her semiblind state, J'khebica was still the better goldsmith, and eh and Hal are spurred to greater effort. In this way, all three apprentices resume their training with the fire of their enthusiasm further stoked. Let their zeal inspire you as you continue striving for new heights in your craft.