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Sultana Dreaming

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Sultana Dreaming

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Quest giver
Rhalgr's Reach (X:9.6, Y:12.1)
Required items
1 Orchestrion materials icon1.png  Orchestrion Materials
1 Tribute orchestrion icon1.png  Tribute Orchestrion HQ icon.png
Experience 2,889,000
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Perfect Tribute

Emeloth has a message for you from your apprentices.

— In-game description




This is the final class quest. In Shadowbringers, Crystarium Deliveries replace class quests for Disciples of the Hand and Land.



  • Emeloth has a message for you from your apprentices.
  • Emeloth informs you that your apprentices wish to consult you regarding the orchestrion they intend to make for the sultana. Seek the three of them out by Chakra Falls to the north, their favored gathering spot for furtive undertakings.
  • The apprentices reveal that they have already begun work on the orchestrion in secret, and they would like you and Emeloth to inspect the components they have each crafted. Take the three items to your deputy and have her assess their quality.
  • You present the three orchestrion components to Emeloth, who is astounded by the level of quality the apprentices were able to produce. While she believes they are capable of handling the rest themselves, she can appreciate the sentimental value in entrusting the finishing touches to you. See to this task and present Emeloth with the completed orchestrion.
    • ※In the event you lose the materials or the synthesis ends in failure, you may try again by speaking with Kanchana.
  • The orchestrion meets with Emeloth's resounding approval. The gift is ready; all that remains is the giving of it, and Emeloth promises to arrange an audience with Nanamo. Go to the palace entrance on Royal Promenade at the appointed hour, and make yourself known to the sultansworn Bartholomew.
  • You present the orchestrion to Nanamo, who is beside herself with delight. For in its elegant yet compact form she sees not only the object of her desire, but also the promise of a brighter future for Ala Mhigo. The audience thus happily concluded, Emeloth bids the members of the Crown Gemworks gather at the Goldsmiths' Guild.
  • Marcel arrives with the news that the knowledge of your gift to the sultana has swiftly gone public, and orders for identical orchestrions have since flooded Eshtaime's Aesthetics. Serendipity confesses to having told Momodi, an act tantamount to telling the whole of Ul'dah, but Marcel takes these developments in his stride and extends a supply deal to the apprentices─now apprentices no more. So it is that your role in their tale comes to an end. Yet near or far, you shall ever be their schoolmaster, and for the betterment of your art, see to it that you continue to blaze new trails as a goldsmith.