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The Missing Piece

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The Missing Piece

A Missive from the Far East.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:10.6, Y:14.9)
Required items
1 Guild-forged ingot icon1.png  Guild-forged Ingot
1 Custom-made hammer icon1.png  Custom-made Hammer HQ icon.png
Experience 2,227,500
Gil 988
Previous quest
Feature QuestBlood Ties
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Final Face-off

Forgemaster Brithael appears lost in thought.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:



  • Forgemaster Brithael appears lost in thought.
  • After turning several ideas over in his mind, Brithael concludes that Shinto is hiding the true reason he believes Sekka will never become a proper swordsmith. Wanting to learn exactly what that reason could be, he would have you go and speak with Shinto on the matter. Make your way to West Hawkers' Alley and speak with Sekka's father.
  • Speaking to Shinto reveals that he believes Sekka is missing something more fundamental than skill. Refusing to say anything more on the matter, he casually dismisses you. Return to the guild and seek out Forgemaster Brithael that you might apprise him of all that you have learned.
  • Forgemaster Brithael is unperturbed by the fact that Shinto saw through your plans and takes his answer as confirmation of what he had suspected: it is not Sekka's skill as a smithy that is holding her back. Speculating that her clunky old tools are preventing her from demonstrating her true skill as a swordsmith, he would have you help him forge her a new set. Asking that you make a custom-made hammer, he then sends you to speak with Randwulf, who will provide you with all the materials you will need.
  • Randwulf generously furnishes you with all the necessary materials for your hammer. Now you are more than ready to set to work. Craft a high-quality hammer and see that it is delivered to Forgemaster Brithael with all due haste.
  • You hand your hammer to Forgemaster Brithael, who informs you that he, too, has finished making his portion of her new tools. Impressed by what you made, he hands you his assortment of metal implements, and requests that you deliver everything to a certain stubborn girl in Anchor Yard.
  • Sekka is delighted by the tools you have given her. After a quick thanks, she rushes off, intent on immediately testing them out. Follow her back to the guild and check to see if she is satisfied.
  • As you speak with Sekka, Shinto strides in. He takes one glance at her katana and is immediately displeased. Sekka, however defends her blade, saying that while it may not look like much, forging it reminded her of the joy of smithing. Those words seem to be exactly what Shinto was waiting to hear. He tells her she has learned a valuable lesson as a swordsmith, but if she is to become his apprentice there is one last thing she must prove: her worth. She must face off against you to see who can make the better katana. Declaring the contest will take place in Kugane, Shinto then bids you and Forgemaster Brithael to meet him and his daughter there.