A Burst of Inspiration

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A Burst of Inspiration 

A Burst of Inspiration.png
Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:32.0, Y:32.6)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Experience 0
Gil 714
Previous quest
The Business of Betrothal
Next quest
Seeds of Rebellion

Inspector Briardien would share with you his latest findings.

— In-game description





  • Inspector Briardien would share with you his latest findings.
  • Your and Ellie's plan to steer Briardien clear of the concealed explosives was for naught, as the inspector cut a straight path for that very location, hoping to speak with the two of you where the conversation might not be overheard. Lead him clear of the bombs before disaster ensues.
  • Ellie's attempt to lead Briardien away from the explosives has the opposite effect when the inspector responds to her shivers by offering to build a fire. A piece of driftwood conveniently left on the beach by Nashu making the process far easier than it should be, in moments Briardien stands before the crates with a flaming torch in his hand.
The ridiculously inauspicious turn of events has only begun, however, as a sudden gust of wind proceeds to carry three all-too-easily-misread pages of Nashu's journal onto the sands at Briardien's feet. Reading them and believing his life to be in imminent danger, Briardien hurls the flaming torch into the heavens in an uncharacteristic moment of panic. Ellie moves quickly, shoving the inspector out of harm's way, but placing herself into it. Always the gentleman, Hildibrand comes to the rescue of the distressed damsel by attempting to catch the torch, gloriously tripping over his own two feet in the process. The flaming torch comes hurtling down like Dalamud, just evading Hildibrand's desperate grasp before striking the ground between his hands, bouncing up, and somehow landing in perfect balance atop the Manderville man's pate.
No sooner does everyone breathe a sigh of relief than is Nashu unable to contain a sneeze, causing Hildibrand to flinch, the torch to fall, and everything in sight to be blown to the seventh hell. Miraculously, there are no casualties save for the crates of foodstuffs. Incensed at your meddling, Master Guguremu orders you to have the supplies replaced, with harsh consequences awaiting you should the feast be called off due to your high jinks.
  • Lewenhart explains that among the foodstuffs lost in the explosion were rare imported vegetables that could not possibly be ordered in time for the feast. Hildibrand, ever quick to act, suggests that the only logical recourse is to reclaim the initial lost shipment from the clutches of the Mandragoras, and goes one step further by boldly volunteering you for the task. Seek out a Yellowjacket by the name of Sundhimal at the Limsa Lominsa lower decks, that you might track down the lair of this band of bloodthirsty flora freedom fighters.
  • Sundhimal informs you that the Mandragoras were last seen commandeering a poor merchant's boat with which they absconded a haul of stolen produce, almost certainly purloined from Costa del Sol. The hapless victim set sail for Aleport a short while ago. Seek him out and inquire as to the rogue vegetables' destination.
  • The tiny trader recounts for you the story of his frightening encounter with the Mandragoras, which has left him a ruined man. Lend an ear to the man's tale of woe, that it might lead you in the direction of your quarry.