Tank Role Actions

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As of patch 4.0, cross-class actions have been removed in favor of role actions shared by all classes performing a given role. Below are the role actions for this job:

Action Icon Level Description
Rampart Rampart.png 8 Reduces damage taken by 20% for 20s.
Low Blow Low Blow.png 12 Attack that stuns the target for 5s.
Provoke Provoke icon.png 16 Gesture threateningly, placing yourself at the top of a target's enmity list.
Convalescence Convalescence icon.png 20 Increases HP restored by spells or actions by 20% for 20s.
Anticipation Anticipation.png 24 Increases parry rate by 30% for 20s.
Reprisal Reprisal.png 32 Lowers target's damage dealt by 10% for 5s.
Awareness Awareness.png 36 Nullifies the chance of suffering critical damage for 25s.
Interject Interject.png 40 Silences target for 1s.
Ultimatum Ultimatum.png 44 Provoke nearby enemies, placing yourself at the top of their enmity list.
Shirk Shirk.png 48 Diverts 25% of enmity to target party member.