Spirited Away

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Spirited Away

Spirited Away Image.png
Quest giver
East Shroud (X:21, Y:25)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 17,360
Gil 1,140
Previous quest
Brotherly Love
Next quest
Druthers House Rules

Komuxio would make a confession to you.

— In-game description



  • Commander Vorsaile Heuloix consents to assist in the search for the sylph elder. Before venturing into the forest, solicit the advice of Giah Molkoh at Bentbranch Meadows.
  • You speak with Buscarron, who agrees to keep an ear out amongst his many customers for any news of the sylph elder's whereabouts.


Outside the alehouse

Yda: Buscarron is a good friend of ours, and there's no place like his for the latest gossip in the South Shroud!

Papalymo: The sylphs are known to avoid the South Shroud. What could have compelled the sylph elder to come here?

Papalymo: But the question of motive must wait─finding him is our foremost priority. With things relatively calm over in Little Solace, we can focus our search effort on this area.

Speaking to Buscarron

Buscarron: Well met, adventurer! We have the finest grog and grub this side of─ Eh? Not here to fill your belly, then?

Buscarron: Ahhh, a hunger for news, is it? Aye, there's been talk of a sylph lurking hereabouts, but I couldn't rightly say if it be the elder you seek.

Buscarron: Those woodland scamps all look alike. Short of painting one red and another one blue, most folk would struggle to tell two of 'em apart.

Buscarron: If you've the time, mayhap you could stay a while and see what the gods have in store. You never know, you might even stumble across this sylph elder yourself.

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